Kindness spreads around GHS

The Random Acts of Kindness going on at GHS have made a great impact on peoples’ lives.

Mrs. Samantha Young, students services advisor, talked about the Random Acts of Kindness week.

“The Random Act of Kindness week is celebrated in February. It is an entire week from the 13th-19th to show kindness to people around. Those people could be friends, teachers, or even just a classmate. During that week, we make posters and hang them up around the school. Teachers will do something in between them. When we witness random acts of kindness from other students, us teachers like to see when it makes someone’s day,” Mrs. Young said.

Students were spotted helping others in class.

“I see Tanner Crouch continually reach out to other students to make sure that they are feeling included in class and that they have a partner or group, and Charlee Mayo makes a point of helping classmates if they are struggling with something or do not understand directions,” Mr. Kevin Leineweber, science teacher, said.

Even someone anonymous made Mrs. Laura Statfeldt’s day.

“One day I was having a super busy and stressful day and was not able to eat lunch. I came back to my room and had a Subway sandwich, chips and a Diet Coke sitting on my desk. I still don’t know who gave it to me, but it was such a blessing on a tough day,” Mrs. Statfeldt, FACS teacher, said.

The boys basketball team deliver food baskets to GHS families each Thanksgiving.

“A couple years ago, the boys basketball team approached the Guidance Department about how they could help during the holidays. Since then, each Thanksgiving they deliver food baskets to our GHS families,” Mrs. Young said.

Some of the GHS staff has observed students helping each other.

“I’ve observed a students helping another student carry their backpack when one of them was on crutches or wheelchair, student walking a friend in need down to the Guidance Office to help them get support from a counselor, student saying a genuine “thank you and have a nice day” to the cafeteria staff in the lunchroom,” Tracy Wilson said.

The swim captain Joe Sheets is taking a lead on the Random Acts of Kindness week by being positive.

“Joe Sheets, swim captain, had been giving pointers to an underclassman on how to improve his swim stroke. When the underclassmen completed his event with a new personal record, Joe looked at him and simply nodded. That simple nod meant so much to that underclassman,” Mrs. Young said.