New Teacher Story

GHS has two new teachers added to the staff. Mr. Zach Mackie was hired as the new World History and Civilization teacher and Mr. Daniel Appelbaum was hired as the new chemistry teacher. 

Mr. Mackie explained why GHS was the school he wanted to teach at. 

“Ever since I got here in the summer of 2017, I knew this was a school I wanted to be a part of. The leadership has been phenomenal. They have instilled confidence in me by focusing on my strengths and supporting growth in my areas of weakness. They’ve also shown great trust in me by promoting me as a coach and now hiring me as a teacher. The students, athletes, and their families have been supportive as well. They’ve all welcomed me into their environment and embraced me. I couldn’t think of a better place to be,” Mr. Mackie said.

Mr. Appelbaum talked about his thoughts on the corporation. 

I wanted to come to Greenwood because I have heard fantastic things about this school corporation and community.  I also had the opportunity to get back into coaching after a year away, so I’m definitely looking forward to being involved with athletics as well,” said.

Mr. Mackie talked about when to begin teaching.

“Though I do not have an exact date yet, I should be at Greenwood and begin teaching right around the middle to end of February,” said. 

Mr. Appelbaum actually started Feb. 4, the E-Learning day.

Both teachers talked about their favorite part about GHS.

“My students are doing what I ask of them, the staff is amazing and supportive and the community has welcomed me.  I am excited to get to know everyone and finish the school year strong” Mr. Appelbaum said.

Mr. Mackie also talked about his favorite parts about the school. 

“This is an easy answer for me. From the superintendent to the students, the teachers to the parents, the coaches to the managerial staff, and the principal to the rest of the community I have been blown away. This school feels like the lifeblood of the community the way everyone feels to be a part of it. I have loved that feeling of being a part of a family since arriving here at Greenwood. Family is something that we preach consistently to all of our players. When we are between the lines, in the hallways, or in the world we have each other’s backs out there. What has been built here is special and is just not the same anywhere else,” Mr. Mackie said.