New Le Croissant French Bakery in recent high demand in Greenwood

Rachel McDonald, Feature Editor

Greenwood has been waiting for a great local bakery for some time now, and one is finally here. Le Croissant French Bakery opened in early January in the Vista Run shopping center and has been packed almost every morning with customers waiting enjoy its amazing French delicacies. 

I had been hearing about how incredible the food was from several people, so I knew I had to try it for myself. The bakery opens at 10 am Monday through Saturday, and on a Saturday morning, I got there at about 10:15 am. I figured it would be busy considering its growing popularity, but the line wrapped within the store and wound outside all around the strip mall. My mom and I waited in line for an hour and a half.

All of the time spent in line gave us plenty of time to consider what we wanted to try. The owner of the bakery would periodically come around the line giving samples to everyone. We finally decided to try the crème brûlée, mixed berry croissant, cream cheese croissant, quiche, and strawberry croissant. 

The crème brûlée was my favorite because the consistency and flavor of it was perfect and so rich. The only other time I have had crème brûlée was in Epcot in Disney World, and this was even better. Although it was more expensive than the other items, I thought it was absolutely worth it.

The strawberry croissant and mixed berry croissants were good, but they were not as good as the crème brûlée. However, they were definitely the most beautiful. Each berry and fruit was placed in intricate patterns that almost made it too pretty to eat. The cream was thick and rich, and the croissant was baked perfectly. 

Before trying Le Croissant’s quiche, I had not liked quiche very much. Quiche is a French egg tart consisting of pastry crust with custard and pieces of cheese, meat or vegetables. When I have had quiche before, it was bland and dry. The quiche I tried from Le Croissant was much better; it had a great balance of all the flavors and was anything but bland. 

The cream cheese croissant was my favorite of the croissants. The cheese danish from Starbucks is similar to the cheese within the cream cheese croissant, but Le Croissant’s cream cheese croissant was significantly better. The croissant truly tasted homemade whereas the Starbucks cheese danish definitely tastes like it just came out of a package. The cream cheese croissant was huge, and I was able to only eat half of it and had to save the rest for later.

Everything at Le Croissant French Bakery is fast-paced so when it is time to order customers have to be ready. When the pastries are chosen, the bakers put them on a tray and pass them down the line to the cashier. While customers are paying for their items, the tray is passed down to someone to package it. Each pastry is quickly wrapped and placed in either a box or bag, and they hastily move on to the next customer. It is good to keep in mind that Le Croissant French Bakery is in high demand which is why everything moves so quickly. 

I would recommend Le Croissant French Bakery because the pastries and food items each were made with care and their value is evident in their flavor. The food is worth the wait, and now I understand why the line was already so long when I first arrived.