Morbius comes out in theaters on April 1, and I cannot wait. Mobius is a Marvel and Sony studios production and is led by a talented Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Mobius. 

Biochemist Michael Morbius is turned into a vampire with a deadly blood lust after experimenting with vampire bat blood while attempting to cure his life long blood disease. When Mobius was first introduced in the Spiderman comic “Spiderman #101”  in 191, he was the antagonist to Spiderman. In the upcoming movie, Mobius is an antihero, which means he is neither hero nor villain.  

Morbius is a lot like the vampires of common myth and legend but with a fair number of exceptions. He does not possess many of the powers of the undead bloodsuckers, such as the ability to transform into a bat, but he does have supernatural strength, echolocation, enhanced night vision, a powerful healing factor, and the ability to draw extra power when he feeds. Unlike normal vampires, he is not affected by garlic, crosses or holy water, and he can enter places uninvited. But he is diminished by sunlight and pretty much exclusively stays active at night.

As of right now, Morbius is not in the MCU, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is the main universe that the likes of the Avengers and Spiderman movies take place in. However, it is very likely that Morbius will be introduced into the MCU and because of the recent confirmation, the multiverse exists in the MCU it is very possible. I think that the release date of this movie almost confirms the theory that he will be introduced to the MCU because Morbius releases in April and is a good start up movie for the character. I am almost certain we will see him or he will be introduced to the MCU just one month later in the release of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Also in the Morbius trailer we see a painting of Spiderman on an alleyway wall, and as we all should be aware of by now, all three spider-men are in the MCU thanks to the Multiverse. Morbius is a lock to be introduced to the MCU.