Show crowns Master Chefs


For the past two weeks, Woodmen AM has added a special feature to the day show. Much like Chopped or Top Chef, a cooking competition challenged would-be chefs.

On Day 1, four teams competed to make pinwheel appetizers. They had a basic recipe but had to add their own special touches to it. On Day 2, the three remaining teams baked cookies that were totally their own creations. On Day 3, the final two teams baked and decorated cakes. The judges were faculty and staff members, who judged the dishes in blind taste-tests.

“Cooking and baking competition shows are so popular right now, so we wanted to host something similar here at GHS. The experience of filming all the parts of the competition beyond simply the contestants cooking challenged the broadcast staff to try something new,” Mrs. Green, journalism teacher, said.

Junior Mauricio Moreno explained how the broadcast members came up with the cooking show idea.
“Originally, it started with the broadcast creating the Kindergarten Orientation video. That was a big project and turned out great. Mrs. Green and Mr. Fischer came up with the cooking show idea, and we thought it would be fun to do and a good idea for entertainment purposes,” Moreno said.

Sophomore Gabe Folco had a favorite part when filming the show.

“I liked watching the students cook, and I got to eat some cookies when I wasn’t shooting anything,” Folco said.
Junior Taylor Dick was one of the contestants.

“The show went on for three days. We had about an hour to cook our food. On Day One, we made ham and cheese pin wheels, which were easy to make. On the second day, we didn’t have a recipe because we had to make our own cookies. The third day was the final round, and we had to make a cake. Our cake came apart at the last minute so we had to figure out what to do before we presented, so we made little cake balls,” Dick said.

Sophomore Will Davidson and senior Ian Flowers were the winners.

“We made it until the last round which was a little stressful, but it was fun. We had to be precise with everything to win, especially on the last round which was baking a cake. We had to make sure it looked presentable and that it tasted good which it did, ” Davidson said.

Mrs. Shelly Goodrich, administrative assistant, was one of the judges in the final round.

“We were not allowed to be in the kitchen to see what the kids were cooking so we would only be able to see what they presented. We judged based on taste and presentation. We asked ourselves was it appealing and how it tastes,” Mrs. Goodrich said.