Seniors choosing who gives them their diplomas

For seniors, choosing who gives them their diplomas could be difficult, depending on the connections made throughout their high school careers.

Years ago, GHS adopted a new way to distribute diplomas to each senior. All graduating seniors can choose a faculty or staff member from any of the Greenwood schools to hand them their diplomas. This is a way for seniors to make graduation more special for themselves and the staff members. Those who do not select someone to present their diplomas will receive them from one of the administrators or counselors.

For senior Conner Watson, it was a very easy decision.

“I am choosing my dad to give me my diploma, and it was not a very hard choice because he has done so much and sacrificed so much for me to get me where I am and to become the man I am today. I am forever grateful to my dad,” Watson said.

Senior Alex Honeycutt also talked about his decision.

“It was a very easy decision for me. I am choosing Coach Bass to hand me my diploma because I have known him almost my whole life and he has been my baseball coach for four years. He was a very big part of my baseball career and helped develop me as a player and a person. I chose him to show my appreciation for all the time he had dedicated to me and my teammates the past four years,” Honeycutt said.

By the time senior year comes around, most people have their choices figured out.

“I had a couple options for who I wanted to have handed me my diploma, but when the other two teachers unfortunately moved schools, the choice became very easy. I am having Mr. Williams hand me my diploma because I loved being in his class my junior year and I have also been a TA in his class my whole senior year. He is definitely my favorite teacher I have ever had. He has always been there for me and someone that I can talk to and someone I can go to when I need help,” senior Nic Whitecotten said.

Senior Makayla Hardin explained how a teacher was there for her like a mother.

“I am choosing Mrs. Hockersmith gave me my diploma; she has always been like another mom to me. It definitely was not a hard choice to make, she has always been close with me and my family and has been here for me in so many educational and personal ways, and I thought it would be great and memorable to share my last big moment graduating with her,” Hardin said.

Senior Noah Apgar also talked about his thought process when choosing his teacher to hand him his diploma at commencement.

“It was between a couple people for me personally, Coach Campbell and Mr. Watson. I am still undecided about it, but I have narrowed it down to those two,” Apgar said.