Student section leaders excited about Homecoming plans


Henry Barrett

Friday Night Lights never fail to disappoint.

The theme of tonight’s Homecoming game is white out. This means that students should wear white clothing to the game. Even though this might seem bland, there will be a colorful blast at halftime.

Senior Ethan Pringle, who is a student section leader, said that students will get neon powder to throw during halftime.

“The theme for the Homecoming game is white out, but it’s not just white out. All of the kids in the student section get neon powder and throw it up at the end of halftime. Students also wear neon socks and hats to match the powder,” Pringle said.

Sophomore Jake Squier attended last year’s game with neon powder, and he enjoyed the experience.

“Last year’s game with neon powder was very fun. It was a big thing, and a lot of people attended. The neon powder made halftime a lot more entertaining, and the atmosphere was electric,” Squier said.

Since Pringle was on the football team last year, he watched the neon powder being thrown from the field.

“The neon powder in the air was a really cool scene for all of the players to watch from the sideline,” Pringle said.

Sophomore Michael Schrader also enjoyed the neon powder, but he did not enjoy the powder that got in his eyes and on his clothes.

“The neon powder was fun, but I forgot to close my eyes so it burned a little bit. I would also recommend that you don’t wear important clothes because there is a chance that the powder can ruin them,” Schrader said.

Senior Maddie Johnson’s favorite part about the student section in general is the neon powder.

“My favorite thing we do in the student section would have to be throwing the powder up on white out night,” Johnson said.

The neon powder is not the only reason students should attend football games. Senior Brie Hoffman likes to use the games to bond with other students.

“I enjoy going to sporting events because of the energy and how hyped the crowd gets when the momentum is on our side. Everyone is super funny in the student section, and everyone is super supportive of the team,” Hoffman said.

Sophomore Emma Gardner also enjoys hanging out with friends and cheering in the student section.

“It’s so much fun to dress up and hang out with friends in the student section while watching the games,” Gardner said.

Squier likes to bond with friends at games by participating in chants.

“I love going to football games because I get to hangout with friends and participate in chants with the student section. Even if you don’t enjoy football, being in the student section is very fun, and I definitely recommend going to games,” Squier said.

Schrader likes to attend games to support fellow students.

“I also enjoy going to football games to cheer on the players and to watch the game. As a wrestler, I know it is important to have support from other people while playing a sport,” Schrader said.

There are many other themes that make football games fun. Squier’s favorite theme is white lies.

“I like the white lie theme because I like to see what other people write on their shirts. A lot of people write funny things, and it brightens the mood,” Squier said.

Junior Kenna Hussung’s favorite theme is pink out, which was the theme of the Woodmen’s first game against Seymour.

“I really liked the pink out theme against Seymour. Almost everyone in the section participated and it was really cool to see all of the pink,” Hussung said.

Hoffman’s favorite student section theme is risky business, which is based off of the movie Risky Business.

“My favorite student section theme is risky business. It is a super fun theme that everyone enjoys. The whole section really gets into it, and we usually have lots of participation during this theme,” Hoffman said.

Chants are also an important and fun part of the student section. Hussung enjoys the class chant.

‘“My favorite chant is the one that says “we are the class of” and then you say your class,”’ Hussung said.