The Summer I Turned Pretty- Team Conrad vs. Jeremiah

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” was released on Prime Video this summer and since hitting streaming services on June 17, the TV drama has taken the internet by storm.

The basic plot involves 15-year-old Belly Conklin who has spent every summer of her life at Cousins Beach with her mother’s best friend and her two sons, Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly has been hopelessly in love with Conrad Fisher since she was a little girl waiting desperately for the summer he would like her back. This summer was different though, this was the summer she turned pretty.  As summer begins Belly finds herself caught up in a love triangle between the two brothers. Between volleyball games on the beach, late-night swims, and drives after dark; Belly has a big decision to make when it comes to which brother she will choose. Nearly split in half, fans of the show have been arguing over who the better boyfriend for Belly would be, Jeremiah Fisher or Conrad Fisher. With Season 2 of “The Summer, I Turned Pretty” being filmed right now, fans wait anxiously as the series ends on a ginormous cliffhanger.

One key character is Jeremiah Fisher, who like many teenage boys, loves video games, hanging out with friends, and flirting with teenage girls. However, this summer was different for Jeremiah. At the start of the summer, Jeremiah noticed that Belly had begun to grow up a bit more, and he supported her. Belly went out on a date with another guy, and Jeremiah supported her. Belly joined the debutante ball, and although he thought it was strange, Jeremiah still supported her nonetheless.

“I’m team Jeremiah because I feel like he actually cares about Belly. Conrad did like her for a lot longer than Jeremiah, but after they kissed, he acted like he didn’t have feelings for her and acted like they were friends. Jeremiah supports Belly in whatever she does and won’t judge her,” sophomore Ava Griffin said.

Jeremiah Fisher and Belly Conklin have been friends since childhood. Belly has had a crush on Jeremiah’s older brother Conrad since she can remember, but when Belly realizes that Jeremiah was developing feelings for her, the two quickly fall into a summer fling. Belly and Jeremiah’s relationship progressed quickly after Belly asked him to be her escort for the debutante ball.

“Jeremiah was there for Belly, and he was actually nice to her, Conrad was treating her badly and giving her mixed signals. Jeremiah would have been a good boyfriend who would stick around while Conrad would not have because of the whole bad boy thing he has going on,” junior Ava Rippetoe said.

Fans say that Conrad would not have been a good boyfriend for Belly because he had rarely been in a stable relationship and had just broken up with his longtime girlfriend.

“I feel like Jeremiah is better for Belly just because he’s not giving her any mixed signals whereas Conrad gives her many mixed signals,” junior Brooklynn Hanson said.

The romance between Conrad Fisher has been brewing for summers upon summers, but this summer was different. As the series starts out, viewers learn that Belly has had feelings for Conrad since she was a little girl, and this was the summer Belly would finally get her chance with him.

“I’m team Conrad because he is the one who always cared for Belly. Even when he didn’t show it because he knew about his mom’s cancer, he still wanted her to be happy. Conrad has always loved her, while the other boys, Jeremiah and Cam, only noticed her or liked her after she became pretty” freshman Kara Ennis said.

Conrad Fisher has been in love with Isabella Coclin for the last 15 summers, Conrad has tried to hide his feelings for his childhood best friend, but eventually his feelings became not-so-secret. Despite being in a relationship, Conrad’s feelings never dwindled for Belly and soon enough, the two would become more than just friends.
“I think Conrad is better because they seem closer and she has liked him for longer,” senior Kira Faulkner said.

During one of the summers spent in their summer home, Conrad introduced Belly to the infinity symbol, telling her that the symbol had no bounds and no ends. Soon after Conrad taught her about the boundless loop that infinity was, and it became a symbolic piece of their friendship. On Belly’s 16th birthday, the sign would soon show up again foreshadowing their relationship to come.

“I would say I’m on team Conrad because he’s been with Belly and liked Belly since the start and he didn’t just like her since she turned pretty. Conrad has always liked Belly and Jeremiah has not,” junior Charlee Mayo.