Pumpkin Spice


Pumpkin spice is an autumn favorite that has girls flocking to coffee shops every September.

Many people enjoy pumpkin spice because it is only available during the autumn months. Starbucks released its pumpkin spice flavoring on Aug. 31 whereas Dunkin Donuts released its fall staples 13 days earlier on August 17. Both dates fell before the first day of autumn. Pumpkin spice enthusiasts enjoy drinking lattes and other fall drinks to get them ready for the fall season.

“I like pumpkin spice because fall is my favorite season and it gets me in the fall mood and it’s not something I can get year-round,” senior Dominica Wheatley said.

A popular topic among pumpkin spice lovers is the ongoing debate about Starbucks or Dunkin. Dunkin Donuts presents the obvious advantage of being cheaper; however, Starbucks has a much more subtle taste. The debate between Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks is one that will last all fall long.

            “Dunkin is better because they add more flavoring to their pumpkin spice drinks and it is also a little bit sweeter than the Starbucks one,” sophomore Breonna Wheatley.

            Many people enjoy mainstream or large chain cafes, such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts; however, many prefer drinking coffee from local coffee shops and cafes that feel more like home. People generally enjoy drinks from local shops because they have a genuine feel to them as well as being higher quality than most fast food coffees.
“In my old town we had a coffee shop called red roaster that had the perfect pumpkin spice latte. My go-to autumn coffee order is either pumpkin spice latte or frozen hot chocolate,” junior Gracie Gasaway said.

Many people like pumpkin spice, but what is paired with pumpkin spice is even more important.  Pumpkin spice lovers enjoy their drinks with a variety of toppings and add-ons. Popular add-ons to pumpkin spice include cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, and even chocolate. Another popular topping is Starbucks, trademarked pumpkin cold foam.

            “My go-to fall order is a pumpkin spice latte with cold foam and cinnamon on top. The best flavoring pair is pumpkin spice and cinnamon. They complement each other very well” Breonna Wheatley said.