Figy celebrates 40 years of sobriety


Deniz Karakus, news editor

Mr. Allan Figy, the construction teacher, has been sober for 40 years, and the staff surprised him with a celebration.

“I was 28 years old, and I was at my brother’s wedding, and I celebrated too much. I went to a boxing match with my friends, and afterwards, we went bar hopping. As I was drinking beer, I set it down and said to myself I can’t drink anymore, so I called the 12 step program to get help. I started going to meetings, and I would go six nights a week. I would give a day to myself. It was the internal pain that made me want to stop,” he said.

Mr. Figy talks about his recovery process that began in 1982.

“The whole recovery process is different for everyone. For me, I became a Christian, so my Christianity was my bases for working the steps in the 12 step program, and that’s how I recovered,” he said.

The GHS staff threw a surprise celebration before Fall Break.

“Mr. Fischer and Mrs. Stadfelt threw a surprise party after school. Mr. Gasaway said there was a special staff meeting, so I was waiting for this meeting. I walked into the staff lounge for a cup of coffee, and apparently my wife was 10 feet away from me, so before I could walk in, Mrs. Stadfelt stopped me and kept me away until it was time. When time came, there was about 40 teachers there to celebrate,” Mr. Figy said.

Mr. Figy and his wife also celebrated separately in Michigan.

“My wife and I went up to Saint Joseph, Michigan area on the lake. We spent three full days looking at light houses, and my celebration was at this restaurant called Black River Tavern. I got a whole meal, no drinks,” Mr.Figy said.