Advanced art students personalize tiles


Sam Thompson and Brady Cave, Reporters

The Greenwood art students have created a tradition by decorating the classrooms with painted and specialized ceiling tiles.

The tiles have brought color and personality to classrooms through painted tiles from the art department.

“The painted tiles started with the old art teacher from Greenwood High School for her class room and then she branched to other teachers” Mrs. Sun-Young Gullery said.

Teachers send their desired designs or themes that they want on their tiles for their classroom to the art department and the tiles are painted specifically for that teacher.

“My first one was Dave Matthews Band, then a Jaws tile, and an Indiana State flag with a camera because I am a film teacher,” Mr. Thomas Williams said.

The painted tiles have become a staple for the art program at the highschool and a fun activity for the art student to enjoy. 

“I like the tiles and I decided to make it the final exam for my advanced art II and art III students,” Mrs. Gullery said.

The tiles have created connections between the teachers, the rooms, and the students that painted the ceiling for the teachers.

“I got the Jaws tile from Sofah Clark, the Edgar Allen Poe was done by Tristan Cunningham, and the flag was done by Bryce Imel,” Mr. Williams said.

Many teachers’ ceiling tiles correspond with the subject they teach and their passions. Mrs. Pamela Wishmeyer’s room contains both factors, and a little cherry on top.

“Two of my tiles came from Mrs. Karen Busch and came with a little secret message. She gave the artists of the tiles an extra credit opportunity if they wrote, ‘ Mrs. Busch is cute’. My other tile is full of the formulas that are used in my class, and soon I am getting the Irish Guard quilt,” Mrs. Wishmeyer said.