Christmas Treats

Alex Kramer, Opinion Editor

A Christmas dinner includes many delicious foods but the staple of any Christmas dinner is the Christmas treats, with so many options of treats like raspberry thumbprints, peppermint bark, or gingerbread cookies brings people to a tough decision on what kind of traits you’ll fill your plate with.
Traditions including treats are occurring among many families, including sophomore Davis Arthur’s family.

“Every Christmas Eve my family will make cookies for Santa, which is a fun family bonding activity that I think most families do. We usually decorate them by hand, making it even more fun, and we put our own twist on it,” Arthur said.

While Christmas treats can be homemade many people enjoy pre packaged ones.

“I absolutely love little Debbie’s Christmas tree cakes. They perfectly satisfy my craving for something sweet. They honestly get me in the Christmas spirit, too. My grandmother always buys them and so does my mom so they’re a staple in my family,” Arthur said. 

GHS’s lunch staff also loves Christmas sweets.

“I love making raspberry thumbprint cookies, which are basically little cookies with pecans baked into them and raspberry filling piped into a divot in the middle,” Ms. Jen Chaney, cafeteria employee.

Along with students, faculty and staff  have  traditions they have brought to the school since working here.

“My family has always made haystacks which are uncooked chow mein noodles that you coat in chocolate and butterscotch. One time I brought some in for the lunch staff, and everyone loved them. It’s really special since my family has done it for years, and I’ll eventually be able to pass it down to my kids,” said Chaney.
A staple of Christmas that appears in many household around the united states is hot chocolate and with in recent years a new version of these called hot chocolate bombs and for senior Mckenzie Wolfe she saw dollar signs when hearing about these. 

“Me, my mom, and sister have been making hot cocoa bombs with these molds that we have. I’ve been selling them a little bit and I’m not selling home exactly for money but more to my friends, but the money is definitely a bonus,” said Wolfe.
Pinterest is an app in which many people can learn to make things, read up on a topic, and or find new arts and crafts, and coincidentally this is where Mckenzie Wolfe learned to make her hot chocolate bombs.

“I learned to make the cocoa balls from pinterest, but I came up with a bunch of new flavors like salted caramel, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and candy cane. We can even fill this up with coloring so the milk becomes a different color.