Christmas Travel Plans

Henry Barrett, Reporter

Winter Break is right around the corner, and many students have big plans.

Most people would say the most exciting part of Winter Break is Christmas. One popular Christmas tradition is making Christmas cookies. 

“My favorite Christmas tradition is hanging out with my mom while she makes Christmas cookies. Sometimes, I help her, but I enjoy eating the cookies more,” freshman Grady Havens said. 

Sophomore Nataly Quintero’s favorite Christmas tradition is making tamales with her family.

“My favorite Christmas tradition is making tamales on Christmas Eve and then eating them on Christmas morning,” Quintero said. 

Christmas movies and plays are another popular tradition in many families.

“My favorite Christmas tradition my family has is going to see the Nutcracker every year. My favorite part of the Nutcracker is the song sugar plum fairy dance. The dancers are so graceful and the scene is gorgeous,” junior Ava Rippetoe said.

Quintero also enjoys watching Christmas-themed shows.

“One of my favorite things to do over winter break is drink hot chocolate while watching a Christmas movie. I also love doing little Christmas crafts and getting ready for Christmas. My favorite Christmas craft to make is an ornament or a painting of a Christmas tree or a snowman,” Quintero said. 

Some students are traveling over break. Rippetoe is traveling to Missouri to see her grandparents for the holidays.

“I am going to my grandparent’s house in Kansas City, Missouri. I like to look at old family pictures of my ancestors and visit downtown Kansas City with my aunt and uncle,” Rippetoe said. 

Rippetoe has many favorite winter break activities.

“I enjoy going ice skating, making Christmas cookies, and spending time with my family over break,” Rippetoe said.

Havens’s favorite thing to do over break is to spend time in his hot tub.

“I like to go in my hot tub during the winter because it feels good when the weather is cold,” Havens said.

One more popular Winter Break activity is to spend time outside if it is snowing.

“One of my favorite things to do over Winter Break is going outside in the snow with my brother. Every year we like to build a snowman together. We also like to have snowball fights, which sometimes turn into arguments,” Havens said.