National Journalism Convention


Every year, 5,000 – 7,000 students across the country travel to a designated city for the annual national journalism convention. After years of not being able to go due to COVID, GHS journalism students finally get the chance to apply to go to San Francisco.

Students are always excited to get to take trips for the journalism program. However, this year it is an even bigger deal.

“I am looking forward to experiencing San Francisco for the first time. I’ve never been that far on the west coast before. I’m also excited to hear from the guest speakers and get ideas for page designs. It’ll be a great opportunity to interact with students from all over the country, and I know we’re going to make many great memories on the trip,” senior Rachel McDonald, Timberlines editor-in-chief, said.

The trip also offers opportunities for students with other interests and jobs in the journalism program.

“I’m really looking forward to taking pictures in San Francisco and seeing all the sights. I’m hoping to have a friend go with me so we can both have a good time together,” junior Isaac Robinson, yearbook photographer, said.

Although the students on the trip will have lots of fun, the trip is still all about the convention and  gaining knowledge to bring back to GHS’s program.

“I want to improve my designing and photography skills in order to help the yearbook become the best it can be. I think the convention will definitely help me accomplish that with all the speakers and activities,” sophomore Kaytlynn Jones, yearbook staff member, said.

Even though GHS’s journalism program is one of the best in the country, there is always room for improvement, especially with students graduating every year. The convention is great for helping prepare students for the upcoming year.

“I think the journalism program as a whole will benefit from the trip because we’ll all walk away with really great ideas and new knowledge. The trip is especially great for current juniors and sophomores because they’ll be able to apply all their new skills and ideas to the staffs the following year. Even though I’m a senior, I know the trip will still benefit me as my major in college will relate to the content of the convention,” McDonald said.

The national convention is always a great way to refresh the students coming back to the staff and students stepping into bigger roles for the next year.

“Although we have one of the top journalism programs in the country, if we go into the next years just doing what we’ve always done in past years, we’ll fall behind other schools. It’s important to get new ideas so we can grow. The convention also helps with networking and getting our students’ names out there in the journalism world,” Mrs. Denise Green, journalism teacher, said.