Winter Guard Show


Henry Barrett, reporter

This year’s Winter Guard Show is upbeat and entertaining. Many guard members are excited to perform in front of a crowd. 

“I really like this year’s show. It’s really unique and definitely a different feel from last winter. There are many new tricks and techniques we have never done before,” sophomore Erika Hayden said.

Another element that the show provides is togetherness.

“It really gives a sense of togetherness and simply enjoying each other’s company. I’m super excited to perform the show with my friends,” senior Daphne Corliss said. 

This year’s show is one of senior Avalin Hess’s favorites.

“It’s going to be one of my favorite shows. I can’t seem to stop smiling when I’m performing at practice. I just love performing with all of my friends,” Hess said. 

This year’s show is very different from most of the shows in the past. There are many new moves and tricks that take a lot of practice. 

“We’re doing tricks that some of us had never even heard of, let alone tried. Our coaches have been pushing us to boundaries that we have never tested. Sometimes it is a little stressful, but it’s worth it to see our group do something we never thought we could do,” Hess said. 

Even though the guard has not yet performed the show live, they are confident they can execute it in front of a crowd.

“We haven’t had any performances yet, but I believe in all of my teammates to perform well,” Corliss said. 

The guard’s first performance is in late January, and many guard members are hoping to see students there supporting them.

“Our first performance is on Jan. 28 at Plainfield High School. We would love to see many students there in attendance so they can see our show,” senior Gabbi Keithly said. 

Also, the guard will perform Feb. 11 at Avon, Feb. 25 at Northview, and Mar. 4 at a place that is to be determined.