FCA Capture the Flag


Henry Barrett, reporter

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Capture the Flag event is coming up, and students cannot wait. 

The event is mainly held to have fun, but it is also to get more people interested in FCA. 

“Teams of students will compete in a capture the flag tournament in the SAC gym at the high school. It’s always a fun event, and a lot of students are looking forward to it,” senior Jordan Bonser said. 

The event has some very dramatic history. Last year, the championship match came down to the wire. 

“Last year my team, Ice Ice Bacon overcame adversity when Garrett Lapinski got hurt and we had to win the final game without him. Luckily, Conner Watson came out with the other team’s flag as time expired to win, making us and Lapinski champs as he was on his way to the hospital,” Bonser said. 

There will also be many other features and activities.

“There will be food, drinks, music, and competition. It’s a great thing to go to for hanging out with friends and supporting FCA,” freshman Moriah Ellington said.

Signing up is easy. Students can participate in the Capture the Flag game with a team of their friends or with a team of random choosing. 

“Students can sign up individually for $3 or as a team of eight for $20. Students can also sign up for $8 for a t-shirt and admission. Sign up forms are due by March 7. More information on the event will be posted around the school on flyers,” Ellington said. 

One tradition is that teams always choose a team name.

“Every year the teams usually choose a funny or meaningful name for their team. Last year, my team was named Ice Ice Bacon,” Bonser said.