Hydroflasks, for VSCO girls or forever?

Makena Cruse, entertainment editor

Many people purchased a Hydroflask during the peak trend of “VSCO” girls, so was it just a trend or do the metal bottles live up to expectations?

Becoming popular in the summer of 2019, Hydroflasks came up quickly and soon enough everyone had one. The metal water bottles were used to make friendship bracelets and post cute pictures on girls’ VSCO pages. 

“I first got my Hydroflask in the eighth grade because I really wanted to be a VSCO girl, but now I like to use my Hydro for soccer and basketball practice because it keeps my water cold as I’m working out,” sophomore Mackenna Martin said.

Hydroflasks were popular for two years, but their popularity is slowly starting to decline. Some believe that the water bottles are high quality and still choose to use them because they effectively keep ice cold and are great for sports practices during the summer.

“Before my freshman year, I decided to buy a new Hydroflask. I am a cross country runner, and our summer practices are really really hot for the first couple months. My Hydroflask keeps my water super cold without the ice melting so I can feel refreshed during my practices,” freshman Marin Burton said.

Hydroflasks became one of the most popular ways to drink water because they are customizable. Hydroflasks are often customized with different lids, boots and stickers.

“I got my first Hydroflask back when they were first popular during the summer of 2020. I had a smaller one at the time that had a lot of stickers on it. After I dropped it a few times and it had a couple of pretty bad dents, I decided to get a new one. I considered buying other brands but ultimately went with the Hydroflask because I really liked my first one. Now, I have a 32oz Hydroflask that I have customized with my own stickers,” sophomore Leah Beaman said.