Stanley Cups Receive Mixed Reviews

Maggie Boyce, Multi-Media Editor

After their massive blow-up on Tik Tok, Stanley cups are the new obsession…

Junior Kenna Hussung described why she decided to buy one.

“Stanley’s just have so many cute and unique colors and I needed a bigger water bottle. When I first saw the Stanleys, I knew I wanted one because of the variety of styles they offer. So many different stores and websites sell them with different colors and sizes.”

Sophomore Olivia Baker had a similar idea.

“I got a Stanley because I think they are very cute and I love water bottles. It’s better than other water bottles because they have a handle and they are very pretty.”

Stanley’s often stand out as the top choice for every day use.

“Stanleys are better than other water bottles because they keep things cold and it’s very easy to hold. I use my Stanley everyday at school and at home,” freshman Hailey Sommers said.

The only con to Stanleys is the way that they spill easier than many close-lid bottles do.

“I would definitely change the way that my Stanley spills so easily. That is the only thing I don’t like about mine,” Baker said.

Hussung agreed.

“My Stanley spills very easily whenever it gets tipped over and usually a lot of water spills when it does tip,” Hussung said.

Another common complaint about Stanleys is the price.

“If I had to change one thing about Stanleys, I would change the price. They are a little bit expensive compared to other water bottles. The main reason I got a Stanley was because of how cute they are, but I also bought it because I found one on sale,” Sommers said.

Dicks Sporting Goods, Target, or the Stanley stores or websites could offer discounts of the prices ranging from $50-$75.

“I found my Stanley on sale at Dicks for a really good price. With or without sales, Stanleys are worth the big price because of how functional they are and how much I use mine,” Hussung said.

Even with the expensive price and easy spills, Stanleys seem to be worth it to many people.

“It’s super easy to clean, and it comes apart so you can clean it easier, unlike HydroFlasks. They are definitely worth the money. I have two, and I love them,” Baker said.