21st Century Scholar

Wyatt Flowers, Podcast Director

21st Century Scholar is a program that helps kids in Indiana pay for their college.

The cut-off to enroll in the program is from the time students entered 7th grade to June 30 of their 8th grade year.

Junior Tanner Crouch said, “A 21st Century Scholar is an Indiana Student who has ambitions to go to college, but a financial situation at home may make that process a little more difficult for them to go.”

The program has helped so many students across the state of Indiana.

Sophomore Josh Carroll said, “21st Century Scholar is so helpful to students who really need it. It can be what decides if the student is allowed to go to college or not. Some of the students could have dreams or aspirations to go to college and may not be able to go. But, 21st Century Scholar prevents that from happening to students with financial troubles.”

The program only pays for parts of schooling, though.

Crouch said, “It pays for the college classes and education, but it does not pay for room and board, books, or food.” 

Students must attend in-state, public schools.

Carroll said, “I don’t think that you are able to use the money that they give you on any schools that are outside the state of Indiana, and I believe that the money has to be used on public schools and non-private schools. Which makes the options a lot easier to choose from when looking for your school.”

Only certain students can qualify for this scholarship.

Mr. Ben Sutton Guidance counselor said, “There is a certain cut-off for people who get into 21st Century scholars; it’s kind of a hard process. But if that family makes money below the cutoff, then that family should be able to apply for it. But if they are above that line, then they won’t be able to apply for it.”

21st Century Scholars is definitely something that should be considered if the requirements are met by families.

Sophomore Lillian Wells said, “This benefits students because if they don’t have the money to go to college but they meet their several academic requirements, the program will help you further your education and chase your dreams.”