Students taking on summer jobs


Alex Kramer, Opinion Editor

With summer quickly approaching, many students are planning their vacations, while others are looking to gain some job experience and, more importantly, make money.

With so many students looking for jobs, one place in particular becomes filled to the brim with GHS students, and that place is Freedom Springs. Many students apply for lifeguard positions, and sophomore Avah Wallischeck is approaching her second summer as a lifeguard.

“Working at Freedom can be stressful because of how many people come through every day, and it becomes especially difficult when you have to watch over everyone in the pool. I do find it fun working there because of how many friends I get to work with along with all the fun personalities I get to meet,” Wallischeck said.

While Freedom is a hotspot, there are other places where students who wish to be lifeguards can work, such as their own high schools.

“I chose to work at Freedom because I already knew a lot of people who worked there and said that it was fun and I figured I might as well give it a shot. Now that I’ve been working here for two years, I’m also pushing for another promotion. Also at Freedom, there’s way more room for improvement unlike the high school swim lessons,” Wallischeck said.

Many students are not interested in pool-related jobs, though.

“I work at Play It Again Sports, and so far it’s been fun. I get to work with one of my best friends, and the hours are really lenient.” junior Kobe Keithly said. “The best part about working at play it again is the discounts. I was able to pay for my whole golf set for cheap by working there. Also any hobby I decide to pick up on a given weekend I can buy some cheap gear from my work,” Keithly said.


Many people would rather stay out of the sun when working an eight hour shift, but some decide to spend that time outside.

“When I worked at Crew Carwash, it was definitely a bit uncomfortable and lethargic at times, but they try to give you as many breaks as they can. I get plenty of water breaks and get to go inside with the AC a lot, too. The pay as well makes up for it because I generally get to start at a higher rate than most people do,” junior Dominic Soubieh said.

With danger at the mall last summer, many would assume businesses are in desperate need of people to work there, but many students stayed loyal to their employers through the desperate times.

“I work at Rally House in the mall, and while it has definitely been more empty with less and less customers coming in, I still decide to work there because I get to work with sports apparel which I commonly enjoy and wear,” junior Cooper Smith said