GHS Renovation Update


Henry Barrett, reporter

The renovations this year have not been disappointing. 

There have been many areas of the school that have gotten revamped during this school year, including the English, social studies, science, and world language hallways. Each room is receiving a new Smart Board, along with new carpet and painted walls. There are still many renovations to go, which will only make GHS even better. Principal Michael Gasaway has been satisfied with the renovations up to this point. 

“I think we have done a very good job with the renovations. The teachers and I believe that the renovations have been beneficial. Many of the faculty members have been very satisfied with the renovations in their classroom. The new Smart Boards have probably gained the most praise,” Gasaway said.

Many teachers and staff members have also enjoyed the renovations. 

“It was very interesting seeing how different my classroom looked after I had been teaching without the renovations for so long,” Mr. Joseph Mushrush said.

Mr. Gasaway is also impressed with how the students and teachers adjusted. 

“I’m very impressed with how the GHS community adjusted while their classroom’s were being renovated. I’m especially impressed with the teachers because they had to relocate to different classrooms. It’s been great to see how flexible the students and staff have been during the renovations. It really gives me confidence to continue challenging the students,” Mr. Gasaway said. 

The interior of the school is not the only part under renovation. There were also many new upgrades in the athletic facilities, dating even farther back than this year. 

“The new football field was a great way to start this year’s renovations. I think that the SAC being built a couple years back was an important renovation that set the tone for the new turf field and other renovations in our Athletic Department,” Mr. Gasaway said. 

The renovations are not completely done.

“Starting in May, the student entry hallway will be renovated. Over the summer, LGI 1, LGI 2, and the journalism room will be renovated,” Mr. Craig Bruns said.

Once the renovations began, there haven’t been any bumps in the road. The process has gone very smoothly, and Mr. Bruns expects it to stay that way.

“Once the renovations finally got started, we haven’t really had any disruptions. The renovations are definitely an inconvenience, but they will be beneficial in the long run,” he said.