A Night on the Skyline


Makena Cruse, entertainment editor

On April 29, students will enjoy “A Night on the Skyline,” an unforgettable Prom evening.

The venue for the 2023 prom is the Skyline Club in downtown Indianapolis. The club is located on the 36th floor of the One America Tower. Doors will open at 7 p.m., and the event will end at 11 p.m. At 8:30pm the prom court nominee winners will be announced and the winners will be given their crowns and sashes.

“For Prom 2023, the Prom committee is excited to plan A Night on the Skyline. The Skyline Club is a beautiful setting for Prom with a great view of the stars so our dedicated colors are blue and gold. The committee is working hard to get all the details perfect for an unforgettable night. We hope everyone can come to enjoy a privilege like Prom,” junior Mallory Mahin said.

Every year, there is either a sit-down dinner or a variety of desserts, appetizers, and drinks; this year’s selection will include appetizers and drinks being served as well as a dessert bar served at 9 p.m. Appetizers will include macaroni and cheese bites, bourbon whiskey meatballs, vegetable spring rolls, and a charcuterie board. Desserts will include chocolate-covered strawberries, cookies, cake pops, and cheesecake bites. There will also be an unlimited drink fountain.

“We chose to include the appetizers and desserts that we did because things like mac and cheese bites are trending and popular with teenagers. But we also decided to add appetizers like the charcuterie board and chocolate-covered strawberries,” junior Brett Odgers said.

The committee decided not to include the price of parking into the price of tickets. This decision was made so that people who choose to be dropped off at Prom, either by limousine or by car, will not have to pay extra to park. Parking will be located beneath the One America Tower and will cost $5 per car.

“Parking and entrance to the Prom will be different from years before. The price of Prom tickets does not include the cost of parking. There is a parking garage located underneath the venue. The Skyline Club is located on the 36th floor of the One America Square building. I am looking forward to hosting Prom this year for the enjoyment of the student body,” Mrs. Iana Allen, Prom committee sponsor, said.

The Skyline Club is perfect for photo opportunities.. The scenic venue with views of the Indianapolis skyline includes a glass ceiling with clear view of the stars. The color scheme for this year’s Prom is an elegant blue and gold. There will be opportunities to take photos in the beautiful venue.

“We decided to include a 360 camera in the prom experience this year. We decided to add the camera because the 360 cameras are trending on TikTok. People who want to take pictures will stand in the middle while the camera spins around them capturing a video,” junior Jackson Simms said.

Students on the committee have helped shape this year’s event.

“Prom committee is basically just about planning every small detail that goes into Prom. We make decisions and vote on them. To prepare for Prom, we have meetings twice a week and constantly think of ideas and what will be best to make Prom go smoothly,” junior Kenna Hussung said.