Journalism San Francisco Trip


Henry Barrett, reporter

The journalism San Francisco trip was truly an experience none of the staff members will forget.

Broadcast, newspaper and yearbook staff members had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco for the national journalism convention. The workshop sessions they attended helped the students connect with other young journalists.

“I liked going to all of the convention classes we had. It helped me learn a lot about how to step up as a leader and ask better interview questions. I also made many friends at the convention, which helped me become more open with people,” sophomore Gracie Kauble said. 

The photography section of the convention was also a hit.

“The convention helped me learn a lot about photography and how to subtly improve my photos,” sophomore Annabel Sawin said. 

GHS students walked away with five award winners. The students who won awards were Rachel McDonald (newswriting), Hannah Miscik (yearbook and copy captions), Isaac Robinson (news photo), Anabelle Sawin (first year photo), and Dominik Williams (sports writing). 

“The trip was very successful, and I am excited to use what I have learned to help the journalism program next year. This trip should help us rack in many more awards,” junior Isaac Robinson said. 

Many enjoyed seeing the historic landmarks. 

“My favorite part of the trip was definitely when we toured around the city and saw cool landmarks. Alcatraz was also really cool because we got to see Al Capone’s prison cell,” Robinson said. 

One location in San Francisco that was popular was Chinatown. 

“My favorite place I visited was definitely Chinatown. There were really cool Chinese-style architecture and vibrant colors everywhere,” Robinson said. 

Another place that the journalists enjoyed was the fisherman’s wharf.

“The fisherman’s wharf had a bunch of restaurants and shops, so it was fun walking around and hanging out in the area,” Kauble said.