Middle School Memories

Henry Barrett, reporter

Middle school was a time most seniors will remember because of their teachers and classes.

Mr. Dean was the Business teacher at Greenwood Middle School, and many people enjoyed his class because of his attitude and sense of humor. 

“My favorite teacher in middle school was probably Mr. Dean because he was really nice and funny. He also taught a class that I like, so the combination of the two was very enjoyable,” senior John Gries said. 

Senior Kira Faulkner enjoyed cooking in middle school. 

“One class I enjoyed was FACS with Cassie Hockersmith. I loved the cooking sessions we had because the food was always super yummy,” Faulkner said.

Mr. Reinhart was a popular teacher due to his constant good mood, jokes and stories.

“One of my favorite teachers in middle school was Mr. Reinhart. I really liked him because I was only at the middle school for one year, and he really impacted me. He was always funny and full of joy every day,” Faulkner said. 

Mr. Higdon was well-liked because of his interactive games.

“Mr. Higdon was one of my favorite teachers in middle school. He was my 7th grade English teacher. I still remember a game we played in class called ‘review basketball,’ which actually made reviewing for tests fun and made me do a lot better on tests,” senior Jake Ellington said. 

Ellington’s dad is a middle school teacher, and Ellington enjoyed his class.

“My dad, Mr. Ellington, was also a great teacher because he could joke around in class and make everybody feel comfortable,” Ellington said. 

Ellington believes that middle school classes were more strict than high school classes.

“I think middle school teachers were definitely more strict on students about deadlines and paying attention in class. I think this makes sense because younger ages are not as responsible and need to be told what to do more often,” Ellington said.