Top 20 Banquet


Jack Titzer, Sports Editor

The  Top 20 banquet is a long running tradition at GHS where the top 20 students and their families as well as a select teacher celebrate the students and their accomplishments.

Being a part of the academic Top 20 is a massive accomplishment.

“Being a part of the Top 20 is definitely my biggest academic achievement, and to be honored with a dinner with all of my peers just makes me feel like all of the late nights studying and hard work throughout high school was worth it. It really makes me proud of myself,” senior Payton King said.

Being in the academic Top 20 takes dedication to school as well as a drive to want to be successful.

“Over the last four years, I would say my biggest drive to keep up with my school work and take challenging classes has been my desire to get into a prestigious university. I am very proud to say that I have achieved that goal in being accepted into Harvey Mudd College to study mathematics. I do not think I could have that had I not taken challenging courses and spent hours on my studies,” senior Corina Brazelton said. 

Senior Taemoor Hassan also talked about what drove him to always be his best in school.

“Throughout high school, I have always been in the Top 20 of the class, but just because I was already in it did not mean that I was going to let up on my studies. I have always had a drive to be successful in school, and I think that drive is just a part of me. I always just want to be the best version of myself,” Hassan said. 

For the Top 20 banquet, students picked a faculty member that had a large positive impact on them in high school to join them. 

“I picked Mrs. Bonham to join me for the banquet. The reason I picked her is because she has really helped me take my writing skills to the next level as well as answering any questions I have no matter how stupid I think they are,” senior MaKayla Le said.

Brazelton also talked about who she picked to join her. 

“I chose to honor Mr. Cruze at the Top 20 Banquet. I had Mr. Cruze for AP statistics and ACP finite last year, and he shaped me throughout the year by encouraging me in my schoolwork yet still making sure that I knew that there are things in life more important than grades. He is truly one of the teachers that comes to work every day to support and guide his students. I honored him for his dedication to the classroom and his dedication to each of his students,” she said.