Root Beer Reviews


Wyatt Flowers, Podcast Director

Back in 1875, a man named Charles Elmers Hires invented the drink “root beer”. He gave it that name to be more attractive to coal miners, but he originally wanted to name it “root tea”.

In this review, we tested 5 different types of root beer showcasing different types of flavors.

The worst rated root beer was Mason’s root beer. This drink had the most bland flavor out of the bunch. And it did not have much of a ginger taste to it.

Sophomore Mavrick Pauley said, “I’m going to be honest about this one. It was absolutely heinous. It just really wasn’t anything special. When I look at the bottles, I really was expecting something to stand out about this drink, but it just tastes like any other root beer. Possibly worse.”

The second worst root beer brand was Capone. The design on the bottle was simple, the colors were nice, and it did get one student’s favorite vote.

Junior Logan Connor said, “This one low key might be my favorite one out of the bunch, it isn’t too overpowering in flavor, but at the same time, it is something that I think I would be able to sit down and drink for a while and not get a headache or anything because of the strong flavors that some root beers normally have.”

Coming in at the third spot for best root beer was the Dog n Suds.

Junior Maria Bellapart said, “I really love the dog on this one. It makes it seem very colorful and inviting if you know what I mean. The flavors are very nice as well. It isn’t too sweet, and it still has a lot of flavor. I really enjoyed this one more than the Mason’s root beer and the Capone root beer for sure.”

The second best rated root beer was Triple XXX.

Junior Luke Smith said, “This one is so much more different than the rest of them, and it is very easy to tell with the tanginess and the ginger flavor in it. It doesn’t taste like any other root beer I have had before, and something about that makes me want to put this pretty high on my list just for the fact that they tried something very different and it actually tastes really good.”

Coming in at the No. 1 was Jack Black’s root beer.

Pauley Said, “Now this might be the best root beer I have ever tasted, I swear. There isn’t anything that stands out a lot but the fact that it tastes super smooth and has a ton of flavor to it. That is actually kind of crazy that they could make a drink that does taste this good and not a lot of people know about it at all. This has got to be one of the best drinks I have ever had besides Dr. Pepper, of course.”