New coaches take helm

The boys soccer team and girls dance team look to turn around past struggles with new coaches at the helm.

Bringing in a new head coach is a great start to turning Woodmen soccer into a successful program. The Athletic Department did just that with Mr. Dan Priscu.

“I’ve coached literally every age from 10 to 18. It really helps with exposure to different ages and getting more experience,” Coach Priscu said.

Changing and creating a new scheme and system can help a team find its identity, but being flexible can be an important factor, too.

“The most important thing I keep in my schemes is possession. For the most part, I try to keep my styles flexible. The scheme I’m using with the guys is definitely something I’ve never coached, but it’s really adapted to the players,” Coach Priscu said.

The players are also adapting to the new coaching changes. The style of play and intensity have changed considerably.

“He pushes us harder and demands more out of his players than our last coach ever did,” Junior Ty Williamson said.  “His style of coaching is more fast tempo, but it really works for us as a team. This guy really teaches us how to be winners.”

Adapting to a new place and new group of players can be challenging. Moving into Greenwood was seamless for Coach Priscu

“It was pretty easy honestly. I didn’t really know what to expect from the Athletic Department and administration, but both have been fantastic. It’s been a pleasant surprise seeing how hard our players work. I love their effort and overall mentality,” he said.

The new girls dance coach is looking to bring in more dancers and create a quality team.

“I want to be able to build the team to a high level of competition and drive,” Coach Lauren Eurglunes said.

Being successful in a new place can be a challenge for new coaches. Becoming acclimated and comfortable with a new team and group has its challenges, but Coach Eurglunes has not had any.

“Mr. Irwin has given me the opportunity to lead the dance team however I wish. I have coached before, but I am still learning the Greenwood team and culture,” Eurglunes said. “There is a lot of hidden talent that is itching to break through.”

Being a teacher and coach at the same time comes with the hardships of balancing the two, but finding a routine and groove makes it easier

“Being a first year teacher, I really struggled at the beginning of the year,” Coach Eurglunes said. “But as we have settled into the year a bit, I feel much more relaxed and ready to embrace coaching and teaching with everything I have.”