Colts Preview

As the Colts kickoff their NFL season, they begin to come across problems with injuries, young rookies, and a spot to fight for at the Quarterback position.

Backup quarterback Jacob Eason has put on a show this summer in practice impressing his coaches and the fans. He is making a strong run for the starting quarterback position with Carson Wentz being injured.

Junior Isaac Vessely said, “ I think Eason will be a great fit for the team because he has been in the Colts system for over a year now. Hopefully, Carson Wentz can get better, but for now, I think Eason can get the job done.”

He might not be a Household name, but linebacker Bobby Okereke is surely making a name for himself.

Senior Dylan Mayhew said, “ I definitely think he will be one of the most improved players, but I don’t think he’ll be in the running for DPOY. I think him and Darius Leonard are still going to be one of the best linebacker duos in the NFL.”

The 2019 draft pick by the Colts, Bobby Okereke, has been putting on a show so far.

“ Okereke has been solid this summer, and he is definitely a name that I think these other teams need to look out for. If all goes well for him,I could see him being the defensive player of the year and going to the Pro Bowl,” Vessely stated.

Wide receiver Parris Campbell has been a fan favorite, but he has been struggling to stay healthy. Mayhew said, “I believe Campbell has the talent to be great. I also think that with a full season he could be the wide receiver the Colts are really looking for.”

In 2007, Colts fans cheered as Peyton Manning held the Lombardi trophy. Soon, Colts fans are wanting to see some young players doing the same.

Sophomore Luke Smith said, “ I think the Colts are going to have the season they have been waiting for for a long time. I think that sometime in between the next 2-3 years they will make their next Superbowl appearance.”

With an all healthy team the Colts are going to have a great season this year.

 Vessely said, “I think once Carson Wentz is back to full health and we also get Quinten Nelson back we can really compete to finish first or second in the division. I really believe that we can go long in the playoffs.” GO COLTS!