Soccer Recap


Wyatt Flowers, Reporter

The girls’ team was known for having fun on and off the field.

Sophomore Mallory Mahin said, “My favorite memory from this season is from our morning game on a Saturday where me and Lillie battled in warm ups and ended up beating Southport 1-0.”

Athletes found a way to build chemistry like this.

Sophomore Audrey Scaramazzo said, “My favorite memory from this season was definitely having our pasta dinner before our first game. Having all of us girls there together allowed us to bond and create new friendships, which carried us to play better on the field because we were more connected. Overall, it was the most memorable because there was amazing food, and everyone was having a great time.”

The girls’ team finished just below 50 percent with a 6-7-1 record.

Mentality was a big factor for the boys soccer team as well. Their positive mindset was everything this season, but sophomore Gavin Armstrong said they could have performed better.

“I think that we could have played with more confidence because we have the skill and the passion to get it done. Like when we played at Mooresville, we really connected during that game,” he said.

Warm-ups were key to any sport, and the boys soccer team was no exception.

Senior Luke Fiesel said, “We prepared for games by playing scenarios and controlled scrimmages where we may have to pass the ball 10 plus times before we are allowed to score. We also worked on a lot of passing because we have been trying to implement a better passing system into our play this year.”
The boys and girls soccer teams warmed up differently for games.

Mahin said, “Our team prepared for our games with a simple warm-up practice the day before and technical footwork and our traditional offense and defense pre game routine.”

The final season for seniors got emotional near the end.

Fiesel said, “I had a good season this year. I’m a very aggressive defender and not much gets past me. But this is my senior year, and I really enjoyed it. I’m definitely going to miss it next year when I’m off at college.”

The pressure of being a goalie could have been immense, arguably one of the hardest positions in all of sports.

Freshman Sam Thompson said, “We could have finished off games better because we lost by 1 a few times this year. Losing games like that really can hurt the team and our confidence because we were just so close, but we have to learn to keep our energy and confidence high.”

Scaramazzo had a similar reaction to the end of her season.

“I feel that our season this year was pretty good. We definitely have some room for improvement next year, but as long as we put our all out there and were connected as a team, it paid off, and we were able to take the win versus our opponents,” she said.