Students reveal favorite Christmas songs

Students reveal favorite Christmas songs

Even with new Christmas music most students prefer the old classics. 

“I love Ariana Grande’s Santa Tell Me song. She never fails at anything. I am a big fan of Christmas music so I start listening it to it in October, it’s never too early to start. I love Mariah Carey, but there are so many other options too. Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have the best Christmas songs,” sophomore Cohen Bright said.

Senior Ella Sigler is a classic Christmas music fan.

“I like classic Christmas music the best because I grew up listening to it with my dad so it brings back happy memories. I’m not like one of those people who start listening to Christmas music way too early, I listen to it about a week before Thanksgiving. People who listen too it way too early irritate me because I want to actually enjoy fall before Christmas time. All I Want for Christmas is one of my favorites because it’s a classic,” Sigler said.

Freshman Mackenna Martin listens to all Christmas music and she does not have a favorite genre.

“Last Christmas is one of my favorites because it’s a classic. I listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I don’t like how people listen to it way too early. I don’t have a specific artist I listen to or a specific genre. I just listen to what sounds good,” Martin said.

Junior MaKayla Le prefers the classics.

“My favorite type of Christmas music are the classics because they’re nostalgic. I don’t mind people who listen to holiday music early, but I listen to them in December. There’s only one Mariah Carey Christmas music I know, and it’s All I Want for Christmas,” Le said.

Senior Anderson Sluder also prefers classic music.

“I prefer the classic Christmas music because it’s timeless and really captures the feeling of Christmas. I don’t really mind people who listen to Christmas music early, but I prefer not to hear it until December. I’m not a fan of Mariah Carey, and I don’t understand the appeal. The Christmas music I listen to most are from Frank Sanataria. He has so many classic songs and is undoubtable the most influential artist in the Christmas genre,” Sluder said.