Taylor Swift New Album

Wyatt Flowers, Reporter

Taylor Swift’s new album Red (Taylor’s version) was an album that made the world go crazy. 

The new album has more than 30 tracks and 9 songs that came from “The Vault” or unreleased songs. The unreleased songs were rated on Billboard. 

The main attraction of this album is the 10-minute version of Taylor’s hit song “All Too Well.” While I was listening to the song, my ears were blessed. I couldn’t tell a difference in sounds, and when the extended part of the song hit,  my eyes started to water. It was just so unexpected and well pieced together.

I want to talk about “All Too Well” some more. This song is just so beautifully orchestrated. The sound of the drums and her amazing voice really come together well and make it feel like a dream or even a memory of someone you can relate to in this song. This song is created from Swift’s allusions of her and Jake Gyllenhaal’s relationship. In the first half of the song, Swift talks about spending time with a mystery guy’s parents. When the guy starts to open up about his childhood, he supposedly thought there was a future for them together. Swift then brings in lyrics about how she expected him to say that their relationship was getting serious, but he never did. In the lyrics, she brings the highs and lows of her relationship with him, pointing out things about how he “never called it love even though that’s what it was.”

In her unreleased songs, I saw that she had musical collaborations with artists like Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton, etc. Overall the unreleased songs were very good. I liked “All Too Well” the most because after all of the Jake Gyllenhaal drama I figured out that that song was made about him. Jake is a very well-known American actor who plays in movies like Spiderman No Way Home, The Guilty, and Southpaw.

The drama about Gyllenhaal and Swift is all in the song “All Too Well.” She tells her entire side of the story and hints that if they would have been closer in age, maybe it would have worked out. That sparked some interest for Swift fans, and they dug deeper into the past and found out that the two celebrities were dating when Taylor was 20 and Jake was 29. The majority of Swift fans or “Swifties” are mad at Gyllenhaal because he was in the wrong with the argument that she could not even drink while he was old enough to have kids.

I listened to Swift’s re-release of Red over 16 hours in the span of five days. I really came to enjoy the music that she came out with and there were some songs on the album that I did not  really care for. If you haven’t listened to the “Red (Taylor’s Version)” album, it is definitely worth listening to.