GHS bowling team on a roll


Rachel McDonald, Feature Editor

An arguably underrated sport brings strong competition and excitement to all of its members.

As the bowling team is nearing Sectionals, they have been competing for the title while making many memories with their teammates. For junior David Vandersteen, bowling has been a part of his life for a long time, so all of it means a lot to him.

“I wanted to join the bowling team because I have been bowling ever since I was seven years old. It gives me the opportunity to represent the school with something I am good at it. My favorite memory from bowling this year was our match against Franklin because we came into the match not expecting to win, and we bowled amazing and took the victory,” Vandersteen said.

Senior Brayden Gardner has been bowling for a majority of his life, so being on the team has given him several great memories.

“I’ve been bowling with my dad my whole life and it was just something that felt right when I joined sophomore year. My favorite memory this season was during a team match where everyone bowled a high score for the team, and everybody was yelling and hyped,” Gardner said.

Vandersteen not only loves the game, he also loves his team.

“Our team has worked very well together, and it’s amazing because we have a lot of new bowlers this year. I’m going to miss everything about bowling once the season is over. I enjoy the team and the environment and the competiveness of it all. It gives me something to work hard on for a couple of months,” Vandersteen said.

For Dominic Wright, this is his first year and unfortunately his last year as well.

“I joined the bowling team because it sounded fun and I didn’t really have anything to do for the winter. Some of my friends were on the team, and it seemed like a fun time. Once the season is over, to be honest, I am going to miss the free bowling. Since this is my senior year, I will miss all the underclassmen and just going having a good time,” Wright said.

Rosado is surprised with how well the team has performed this year, especially with the many new-comers.

“We have five new people this year, so at the beginning of the year I thought we would be a little rough. But now this is the best team we have ever had. Everyone lifts each other up which lets everyone do their best. I am definitely going to miss all of the seniors. We are going to be losing four seniors. I love all of their energy and definitely going to miss bowling with them,” Rosado said.

With Sectionals yesterday, the team prepared for their season to end and are thankful for all the memories they have made.

“Our team has definitely worked together through picking each other up after a rough frame and keeping a good team attitude. I am definitely going to miss the guys and togetherness. It is really just having fun with the guys, and you get to meet and hang out with people from other schools that just have fun with it all,” Gardner said.