It’s back… Intramural Basketball


Intramurals has been going on for years and their next game is Wednesday Feb. 2nd in the Student Activity Center.

Mr. Blaine Williams, the intramurals sponsor, talked about the idea behind intramurals.

“Intramurals started a long time ago like way before I even started teaching here at Greenwood. Over time, different people ran it. About 12 years ago, I took over being the coach. The idea behind intramurals was to give people who are not involved in a winter sport to stay active and be competitive. My favorite memory is that there was a year when a team won the semi-final game tournament to go to championships. Anytime a kid dunks in a game is also really cool,” Mr.Williams said.

Senior CJ Meyers, one of the captains, explained how he got chosen for that role.

“I kind of got dragged into the role of being captain. My friends signed me up for it, but it’s a lot of fun to play around with my friends. My favorite part is slacking around and having fun with my friends who I grew up with. We had a game last Wednesday, and it’s really nice to see people show up and watch us play,” Meyers said.

Senior Alex Honneycut, also a team captain, likes playing, too.

“I choose to play intramurals because my friends and I have been doing it since we were freshmen. The only difference between me and normal players is that being a captain I drafted some of the players on the team. My favorite part is playing against my friends and when we beat their teams,” Honneycut said.

Freshman Will Riley joined intramurals to stay in shape.

“I got into intramurals because I wanted to stay in shape for track. My cousin brought it up to me and told me that it was a lot of fun. I like my friends on the team and hanging out with them on the court is really fun. A great team to beat would be Green Machine,” Riley said.

Sophomore Brock Riddle likes being on court with friends, too.

“I chose to play intramurals because it’s a fun way to get together with friends and play some basketball. My favorite part is just being able to go and have fun and not worry about too much while playing because it’s for fun. It’s also really nice when fans come to watch games. I feel like it’s a fun thing to do,” Riddle said.