Taylor Swift- Midnights


Makena Cruse, reporter

Taylor Swift announces her new album Midnights, a collection of songs written during sleepless nights scattered throughout her life.

Mr. Jerrod Watson is known for his trademarked “Taylor Swift Thursday” in the weight room. Watson has been anticipating the album for months and is excited to add the new album to the Thursday playlist.

“On a scale from 1-10, I am 100,100,864 percent excited for Taylor’s new album. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited in my life, I find it harder and harder to get good sleep at night because of the 10 percent nervous and 90 percent excitedness in my stomach for Taylor Swift’s 10th album. I just love her,” Mr. Watson, weightlifting coach and Taylor Swift enthusiast said.

Many fans have been listening to Taylor Swift since they were young; fans have watched Taylor’s discography grow as well as watching her grow as a lyricist. Some fans suspect that her new album will resemble that of her past albums.

“I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift since I was in elementary school. I used to sit in the backseat of my mom’s car and sing the lyrics of Red so loudly. I think the songs on the new album might have connections to her songs in the past, like in the lyric aspect of it. I haven’t ever been to a Taylor Swift concert, though,” freshman Addie Rosebrock said.

Taylor Swift is known for her artistic and personal touch on her merchandise. Many fans collect her vinyl albums. Her new album has four special edition vinyl that fans are breaking the internet over. The four matching vinyl lineup to create a clock with the four unique album covers. Taylor has also come out with a set of clocks to go along with her album named “Midnights” All of her merchandise is out for pre-order now.

“I collect vinyl and would love for this album to be one of the many that I own! I also will for sure be at the merchandise stands if there is a Midnight tour,” sophomore Natalia Orozco said.

Many fans have been expecting the album for months; however, not all fans were prepared for a brand-new album as opposed to a re-recording of albums Swift does not own the rights to. Many fans were not expecting the new album as Swift is in her re-recording era. Many fans expect the next re-recording to be 1989, Reputation, or Speak Now.
“I’ve been half-expecting a new album since the spring. I wasn’t sure what would come first, TS10 or another re-recording. I kind of thought TS10 would come in the re-recording era so I was right about that,” sophomore Ava Rippetoe said.