The Sanderson’s Sister’s Send Off


Alex Kramer, Opinion Editor

Hocus Pocus 2 is the freshly released sequel to the beloved Hocus pocus, the movie takes place in Salem, Massachusetts and marks the end of the Sanderson sister Legacy.

Hocus Pocus is the first installment of a now two movie franchise. It came out in the early nineties and takes place at the same time in Salem, Massachusetts. The movie follows new kid on the block Max Birch, his sister Dani Birch, and Allison taking down the 3 witches, the Sanderson sisters. In Salem the story of the Sanderson sisters are infamous for their wise tale of being hung 300 years ago, and vowing to come back once the black candle is lit, and sucking the souls of all the kids in Salem on Halloween night.

Hocus Pocus 2 takes place 29 years after the first Hocus Pocus, and follows a similar plot line as Hocus Pocus one in the sense that three individuals, Cassie, Becca, and Izzy, reawaken the Sanderson sisters into modern day Salem. The main protagonist in the movie is Becca who turned 16 on Halloween and now has magical powers allowing her to combat the witches. The Sanderson sisters in the movie are trying to use a power spell that allows them to stay alive even without the light of the black candle, and cause them to be all powerful. With the all powerful spell they vow to take down the descendants of reverend Traske who tried to separate them as children, which subsequently led to them becoming witches.

Both these movies pair each other well without showing one being glaringly better than the other. Hocus Pocus two offers much insight into how the sisters came to be, showing how their childhood trauma led to becoming witches. As the movie continues to grow you begin to see how the sisters argue and bicker with each other because of how Winnie treats the other sisters. By the end of both movies you see how the sisters at times can weaken each other’s strengths because of their different opinions and methods.

A key plot point in both films is the personified spell book that the sisters use to cast and remember spells. In Hocus Pocus 1 they use the book to cast everyone under a spell, and lead them to Max, Dani, and Allison leading to the climax of the movie. In the second movie on the other hand the book is used against the sisters when it chooses Becca over them tricking them into using the power spell. The book was a key character and turning point in both movies and allowed for two amazing showdowns to happen.

With the conclusion of the series many are left wondering where the Sanderson Sisters are after the end of Hocus Pocus 2. They fade into dust along with many influential pieces to their lives like Billy Butherson, the book, and their Cauldron. The conclusion of Sanderson’s story leaves fans with a satisfied and happy outlook on the series.