The Watcher Review

Wyatt Flowers, Podcast Editor

The Watcher is a Netflix Original series that came out earlier this month.

The series is based off a true story involving a series of families that moved into a very nice house in the middle of a very nice neighborhood but faced a mysterious stalker who terrorized them.

The production of this series was done tremendously well. If the show had not told the viewer that the story was based on real events, the viewers would have a hard time believing it.

The whole series started with a family that lived in New York City; they had a rough past there and thought it was dangerous for their children. The family decided to seek answers by finding a new place to live. They found an amazing community with the biggest house in the whole area.

After a while they began to get letters from an anonymous person. The letters were creepy and got progressively worse.

I really enjoyed how the director created a ton of suspense with all of the neighbors having a creepy manner towards the main characters, raising suspicion on everyone. The house was in the middle of a circle of all of the neighboring houses, and anytime the main characters looked outside, they would see the neighbors staring at them or the house. 

The characters in this show are amazing. My personal favorite is Dokota; he is a 19- year-old kid who just got out of high school and is pursuing his dream with cameras. He sets up cameras in the main character’s house trying to keep them safe, but he starts to have feelings for the daughter of the main character.

The father of the family is Dean Brannock, and his wife is Nora Brannock. Dean who works very hard to support his wife and his kids. Nora is an artist who makes vases and all sorts of pottery.

This series is mind-boggling and plays lots of tricks on viewers’ brains. As they try to figure out who is threatening these families.