Colts in shambles

Alex Kramer, Opinion Editor

In the last five years the Indianapolis Colts have had five starting quarterbacks compared to the league’s average of one quarterback per five  years.

The Colts franchise has been in shambles, and that became especially true this year when they are not putting in an NFL legend and instead a sixth round draft pick.

The Colts in the off-season picked up four year-Pro Bowler, 2016 league MVP, and quarterback Matt Ryan who has proved unfruitful.

Half way through this year’s season, the Colts have decided to bench their new quarterback, Matt Ryan, for Sam Ehlinger, a young quarterback who has never had a career NFL start. Ehlinger played at Texas University, and through the three years he played for them, he led them to a mediocre start and no bowl games. He was a late round draft pick for the colts and has not proven a necessity for them yet.

This year Matt Ryan has averaged a fumble a game and leads the league in interceptions. With nine, this forced the Colts to start Ehlinger. The Colts starting Ehlinger has caused an uproar in the Colts community because they see this as giving up on the season. The Colts cooperation has not come out and said that this change would be permanent, but fans are coming up with their own ideas that they think they plan on trading away Ryan for better picks in next year’s draft. With Ryan proving useless this year, the Colts head coach Frank Reich is on the hot seat for putting his faith in a dud of a quarterback.

The Colts owner has decided to fire the head coach after their game against the New England Patriots. The Colts have replaced them with Jeff Saturday, a former Colts legend who played with greats like Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. Even though the Colts fired their former horrible head coach many Colt’s fans have said Saturday is much better. Saturday’s last coaching job was for a highschool team which went 3-8, which rises suspicion to the Colt’s new coaching staff.

On the bright side of the Colt’s franchise, they have an easier schedule ahead of them, allowing for the adjustment of quarterbacks to come with more grace.

Ehlinger has come out to the press and said he is excited about the opportunity and will not let it go to waste.

I look on the bright side of the rest of the season and believe that Ehlinger can help the Colts season and will not allow them to end on a bad note