Madden Mobile regains popularity


Nathan Kremer, Sports Editor

Swarming millions of phone screens across the country is the extremely popular app, Madden Mobile.

Accustomed to the fame, Madden Mobile has been at the top of the most popular IOS apps in the past but lost most of its stardom. Now after making a resurgence, Madden Mobile is back and better than ever.

“I have been playing the game on and off for a couple of years now, and it is definitely one of my favorite apps that I have. It seems like it becomes popular during football season and slowly fades as the year goes on, but I could see Madden Mobile staying around longer than it has in the past,” senior Chance Glynn said. 

There are many aspects to the app that make it fun for its users.

“My favorite part about Madden Mobile is being able to play different events to try and earn player packs and rewards for my team. The overall challenge of trying to assemble the best possible team is fun as well,” junior Coley Basey said.

As great of an app as Madden Mobile may be, there are still tweaks its users would make to improve their experience.

“In my opinion, I wish you could play your friends live on the app, similar to Madden on a video game console. Instead, on Madden Mobile, you have to wait for your friend to play you back,” senior Scott Raker said.

With football being one of the most popular sports, Madden Mobile is a preferred choice for many teens across the country.

“A huge passion of mine is playing and watching football. It is one of my favorite things in the world, and playing Madden Mobile helps connect me to my interests,” Basey said.

Raker gave his thoughts on why he chose to play the app over millions of others.

“Football is by far my favorite sport so playing a football-centered game immediately spikes my interest. I also recently got injured playing football, so I have had plenty of free time to start playing a new game,” Raker said.