Nathan Kremer, Sports Editor

Boys and girls basketball season is now in full swing, which means the highly anticipated intramural season is just around the corner.

Intramural season is where GHS students have the opportunity to join a basketball team that is selected by a senior captain. Once teams are selected and games begin, there will be games once every week on Wednesdays. The intramural season ends with a single elimination bracket, and one team will be crowned as the champion.

Coming off of an intramural championship last season, senior Conner Chase is looking to go back-to-back as a championship winner.

“Intramurals are always super competitive and I know other guys will not want to let me win again this year, but I am looking forward to having the best team again this year,” Chase said.

One of the main reasons for students playing intramurals is to have fun and play a sport with their friends. For some, it is a chance to relive their glory days of playing competitive basketball.

“My favorite part about intramural season is being able to look forward to playing a game on Wednesday nights. It is always fun to play with and against some of my friends,” senior Chance Glynn said.

Being a captain of an intramural team means drafting players to build a successful roster. Some captains had a unique and specific strategy in selecting players.

“For my team, I was hoping to get a really good player in the 1st round that has played basketball before and has good knowledge of the game. I already had an idea of a couple of guys who were going to be slept on by other captains and would be great for my team,” Chase said.

Intramural season is popular, but there is one specific critique among the players.

“I really wish that instead of all baskets counting as one point, that instead there was a difference in points between two’s and three’s. Players are given the same reward for making a two as a three,” junior Brock Riddle said.

Intramural games will begin after Christmas Break in the activity complex with specific game times and dates still to be announced.