The Artcraft Theatre


The Artcraft Theatre is a historic cinema that has been standing for 100 years in downtown Franklin and is the perfect place to watch family favorite Christmas movies.

The cinema was built in 1922 and has continued to celebrate traditions since. The Artcatfts traditions include keeping affordable prices, pre-movie raffle tickets, and having local farms provide popcorn.

The theatre originally opened in 1922 but was closed. The Artcraft began renovation in 2004 by Franklin Heritage Incorporative which is a small group dedicated to preserving the historical qualities of Downtown Franklin. The theatre is currently still undergoing renovations, but it is open to the public. While undergoing renovations the FHI maintains the Artcrafts original design as well as keeping the same nostalgic feel to the theatre.

The movie experience begins at the ticket booth where movie watchers buy tickets. As customers walk into the theater there is a concessions area where they can choose from popcorn, candy, and classic sodas but at reasonable prices.

The cinema experience begins when walking into the theatre area. The newly renovated screening room holds 625 people and during the holidays all 625 seats are filled. Sitting down with a bucket of popcorn and a classic soda, movie watchers are greeted by staff members on the stage as a raffle of the night begins. The raffle tickets double as movie tickets. After the raffle concludes the movie begins. But not before an original cartoon dating as far back as the 1900s, plays for the crowd. Movie goers can enjoy the movie on the original 35mm film. Movies featured during the holiday season are classic Christmas movies that can be enjoyed with the entire family.

The theatre does not only feature movies during the holidays, but they also show classic Hollywood films bi-weekly during the rest of the year.

The Artcraft Theatre is a wonderful way to enjoy the Christmas holiday with family and friends, while also paying dues to the historic qualities of the theatre.