A Christmas Story: new vs old

Brady Cave, Opinion Editor

In a lot of instances, the sequel to a loved movie is seen as lesser, or not as good. It often turns into a debate about which is better. A Christmas story, and the recently released A Christmas Story Christmas, don’t seem to have this effect. More of a duo that compliments each other in all categories.

In the old film, the plot of the movie is of a young Ralphie and his wish of getting a new Red Ryder BB-gun. A lot know the key or famous scenes from the film. Old Man Parker getting his leg lamp, or when Flick gets his tongue stuck on the flagpole.

Although similar, the movies carry some influential differences. Ralphie’s mother was recast and had a significant role in the new film, but Ralphie’s father is not a character. The basis of the movie is an adult Ralphie trying his best to give his kids as special of a Christmas he received when he was a child.

On Christmas Eve, there is a 24-hour marathon on TNT and TBS where the original movie, A Christmas Story, is played. The main reason the movie is so loved is the way it makes you feel nostalgic, and remember how great Christmas was as a kid, and also the reason why it continues to be a family favorite almost 40 years after its release.

Growing up, I watched the Original movie with my family many times, and it only seemed fit to watch the new film with them as well. The movie gave off the same, heartwarming, feeling and really put me into the Christmas Spirit. However, like many others, I fall into the same category of people who let nostalgia put a bias on their opinion. It was a very good movie, but it would be hard to say it’s better, or even as good as the original film.