Drake “Her Loss” Review

Wyatt Flowers, Podcast Editor

Drake and 21 Savage released their new album on Nov. 4. The album “Her Loss” has skyrocketed to the top of the charts.

As if the new Drake and 21 Savage album was not hyped up enough, one of the songs “Rich Flex” took off on social media for one of Drake’s verses.

In the verse, Drake says, “21 can you do sum for me, can you hit a lil’ rich flex for me.” This part of the song became huge on social media for the way that Drake was talking to or hyping up 21 Savage. People started to make videos on how they felt Drake was acting while recording. 

Overall, this album was not the best album that Drake has ever created, but it would have been much worse if 21 Savage was not on it. 21 Savage always seems to make the person’s song he is featured on sound like they are the feature. In fact, 21 Savage has a line in the song “ON BS” where he says, “I jump on your song and make you sound like you the feature.”

21 Savage definitely deserves to have this sort of cockiness or confidence towards himself because he has not ever really disappointed when he has been a feature on songs, especially on Drake’s albums.

Drake does not have limitations when it comes to paying his features on songs, so the options are endless with him. In one of his songs, he features Travis Scott and 21 Savage, which are debatably some of the best rappers in the rap game.

One thing that really stood out in this album is the fact that it was not as bad as his last album. On social media, people were pressed about how the last album was; reporters were saying that the album was “mid” or “every song is the same.” Drake also did something that he does not do a whole lot of on the album. “Honestly, Nevermind” was his singing; If you are a fan of slow and what they call “club” music, then that album is for you. The only good song on that whole album was “Jimmy Cooks” with a feature of none other than Mr. 21 Savage.

Just to show off how dominant 21 Savage can be, he even got his own song on the album called “3AM on Glenwood” although it may not be the best song on the album it is a very real song, that talks about how it was growing up for him and how he does not want other kids growing up in those conditions. A lot of people in the music industry respected 21 Savage for his words and spreading a message to the kids who live in rough conditions. It is almost as if 21 Savage is portraying that it is okay to grow up in those conditions because he made it out, and if he can, then they can as well. 

A lot of critics were shocked at 21 Savage getting his own song on the album and Drake being absent on it. But honestly, it might be one of the better songs on the album and one with the most meaning on it.

One of Drake’s songs “Circo Loco” has a crazy beat. It almost makes listeners feel as if they are riding a carnival right with hi-hats and bass booming through the speakers. Overall, it was one of the better beats on this entire album

Drake is amazing for collabing with 21 Savage and making pretty good album with 16 songs on it.