Inexpensive Valentines Day Dates

Makena Cruse

With Valentines Day right around the corner, couples are looking for creative date ideas that will not break the bank. 

One way to celebrate the winter holiday is to take advantage of the cold weather and try ice skating. Perry Park here in Greenwood is an affordable nearby option. Perry Park offers inexpensive ticket prices, of $7 for admissions and $3 for skate rentals. The park is a perfect place to spend time with a Valentine for only $20 total.

Making the most of Valentines Day does not have to be expensive; the most important thing about Valentine’s Day is spending time with a partner. A creative date idea that is inexpensive and meaningful is having a paint date. Sit down across from a partner with a canvas and paint something meaningful they will love. When both participants are finished painting, reveal what the other has painted for a unique surprise. Being an artist is not needed to have fun with this date idea; simply making memories and unique artwork is a great way to spend the romantic holiday.

Driving is typically just a form of transportation; however, there are many unique ways to romanticise the simple pleasures of driving. Start the date out by driving during the sunset hours. While driving around, have each person choose a different fast food restaurant to get a drink at, an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. Alternate who chooses which item, and drive to a different fast food restaurant for each part. This easy date idea will build memories.

Game night and movies are yet another perfect way to spend time together while also saving money. Purchase some candy from the store, turn on a favorite Rom-Com movie, and crack out a board game for the perfect Valentines movie night with a partner.

Valentines Day does not have to be an expensive evening; having fun with a partner is the most important part.