Woodmen Sports Injuries

Sam Thompson, Reporter

It was just a normal moment, play, and game, and then with one hit, a whole year of sports was thrown out the window. With all the work put into a sport, not just from that year but also years prior, the bench is now  home for the rest of the season.

One of the biggest injuries all athletes fear is a torn ACL for its long and tiring recovery. Any moment can lead to a season injury, even something as mudane as playing a game which sophomore Mackenna Martin had done countless times.

“I had to get an ACL repair surgery, and I have to go to physical therapy for a long time. In a basketball game, a girl drove into me and hit my knee causing it to go backwards, and it popped,” Martin said.

Danish kicker, sophomore Jens Hvid, saved a possible touchdown for the Woodmen football team, and it cost him some games.

“Against Indian Creek, I kicked it off to them and the kick returner took off and he almost made it past our whole team. I just read him running up the sideline and I jumped in front of him to tackle him and to stop his run,” Hvid said, “I broke my collar bone and was out for a good part of the season and at the end I could only kick extra point kicks so I didn’t get injured again off of a kickoff.”

Catastrophes can happen in a flash.

“During the Scottsburg game, there was a high fastball that I wasn’t ready for, and I couldn’t get out of the way fast enough. I got hit in the face by a pitch and had to get taken out of the game,” senior Peyton King said.

It is unlucky to get injured once in a season, but getting injured twice is beyond dissapointing.

“After I got on base in one game, I was leading off and a pitcher turned to pick me off. I dove back to the base, and I ended up popping my shoulder out of socket. I was taken out of the game immediately,” King said.

Some injuries can be more significant than others, depending on the person and the time.

“In my first game of my senior year, I fell while dribbling, and the ball and I went down. I didn’t find out I torn my ACL until later,” senior Josie Ochsner said.

Even though it is a lot less common, injuries can occur during practice, too.

“I was doing pre practice and catching punts, and one came a little short so I dove for it and I caught it, but I landed in a weird way, and I felt it instantly. I couldn’t move my arm at all but maybe an inch,” senior Braylon Cox said.

One of the most unfortunate moments is a noncontact injury.

“I don’t know exactly what happened, but after I dove for the ball I fell badly and my bone was sticking out to the point it was noticable,” Cox said.