Boys Basketball Sectionals GHS vs CG

By Isaac Apgar, Ethan Lobb, Ava Turner (Journalism 1 students)

Palms sweating, hearts racing, cheering fans… Welcome to Indiana basketball Sectionals.

Basketball sectionals are taking place at Center Grove on Feb. 28. Many fans are excited and ready to watch their team play.

“I’m excited to attend the game tonight and represent our school and cheer on our team,” said freshman Zaire Gillis.

Nerves have been racking coaches, players, and referees because of the two rivaling schools, GHS and Center Grove. Fans have hope for the Woodmen, though.

“I have faith that if we stick to our game plan, we could win. We should win,” Gillis said.

Number 23 senior Carter Campbell takes a shot over Number 24. Carter had 26 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists.

Players have very strong opinions on the opposite team, which can be very negative and extreme but they still hold respect for them and show good sportsmanship and maturity as a team.

“I personally hate Center Grove with everything in me, but they are still a team, but we will beat them,” senior Dylan Pringle said.

Everyone is super ecstatic about the upcoming game, after all it is one of the biggest games of the season, especially those who have never been to a sectional game before.

“I’m excited, this is my first Sectional. I’m excited to motivate our team as best as I can throughout the whole game,” freshman Eliana Anderson said.

This will be the last game for either team. We will have to wait and see who will be victorious, the GHS Woodman, Or the CG Trojans.