Boys volleyball taking form

By Jalee Brown, Myleigh Bryant, Kenzie McAtee, Gunner Ruppert

Greenwood Woodmen are changing things up.

“GHS’s first men’s volleyball team is moving into their first season. It’s going to be challenging, but I believe if anyone can make it happen i’ts Greenwood Woodmen. Most of our players have never played or never played on a team, so it will be exciting to really challenge ourselves on building the team work aspect. Going into this, we will show Woodmen spirit,” Coach Zach Mackie said.

Greenwood has started its first men’s volleyball team.

“It all started as a silly idea for the seniors. We were surprised when we actually came out with a team. It means a lot to be the first ever team to play men’s volleyball at greenwood. It’s pretty cool that it is just a group of friends trying something new,” senior Ty Williams said.

The guys are proving that “if you can dream it, you can do it.”

Senior Oscar Piang works on seated dumbbell jumps in his APC class. Piang is preparing himself for the upcoming men’s volleyball season.

“I started this team because I really enjoy volleyball. It’s a lot of fun, and I noticed Greenwood didn’t have a men’s volleyball team so out of no where I talked to the school and it kind of just happened. Starting this, obviously my expectations are to make it to nationals. All we have to do is work really hard. My best quality is definitely my serving,” senior Oscar Piang said

Athletes are hoping to build a team and great high school memories.

“We really wanted to put this together to have fun with our friends. It’s our last year. We want to have fun, and what better way than spiking volleyballs at people,” Williams said.

They need goals and some commitment.

“All of this started because of a senior, Oscar. He came up with the idea. He went around and told people the idea, and somehow now we have a whole team and coach,” Williams said .

Freshman Levi Peterson is looking forward to competition.

“The best part about men’s volleyball is going to be the meets for sure. I think it will be fun to just grow as a team together and overall being good and beating the other teams,” Peterson said.

Finalizing all plans includes finalizing uniforms.

“So far with our uniform, we’re really just been experimenting with new things. We have a very open mind and are looking for new ideas to bring to the table,” Coach Mackie said.