Surprise 3-pointer solidifies Senior Night successes


By Aubreyana Costelow, Grayson Sandman, Chloe Smither (Journalism 1 students)

Campbell passes back to Worgess. He shoots…a 3-pointer to solidify Senior Night.

On Feb 21, the varsity basketball game against Indian Creek was about to begin, and Coach James Polston had a strong belief in the team.

“We were just hoping everyone was going to go into battle with us,” Coach Polston said.

Senior Caleb Worgess shoots a three-pointer. GHS won the game with a score of 43-56. Maverik Patterson photo

This was also Senior Night, and some of the players were nearing their last game of their high school careers.

“It’ll be tough. Carter and Jabar were always nice to have around, and so was Caleb, our manager. It’ll be tough, but that’s just how it goes. The energy was super high,” Coach Polston said.

The highlight of the game came when senior Caleb Worgess was put into the game nearing the end of the second half. Worgess, the team manager, was then given the ball behind the three-point arc.

“Don’t miss,” Worgess said  were the only thoughts he had when he was given the ball.

Worgess made the shot, and the crowd and players immediately jumped to their feet.

“We jumped over the bench. It was an amazing opportunity. We knew that he was only going to get one chance to make it so it was awesome that he did,” sophomore Travarius Nolan said.

This reaction from everyone showed how awesome the situation was as well as how respected Worgess was as part of the team.

“He does so much work behind the scenes for us; it was cool for him and one of the coolest things I’ve seen in basketball,” Coach Polston said.

Greenwood ultimately won the game 56-43, and the win alone combined with the shot made by Worgess created a great experience and atmosphere.

“It was an exciting experience. We knew that we had a good chance at winning, but with Caleb shooting the three, it just made it better,”  Nolan said.

The excitement carried on with social media posts, but the most hype was in the locker room right after the game.

“The locker room was so hyped after the game. We had the music blasting, and everyone was jumping around. We sprayed Caleb with water, and it was all just really fun,” Nolan said.