Students’ favorite movie genres

By Audryanna Cox, Mya Grafton, Halie Steinbruegge (Journalism 1 students)

Movie genres — like romance, thriller and comedy — are all individually special and important for movie directors and especially movie reviewers.

“My favorite movie genre is romance. I like the stories and those are like my comfort movies,” freshman Nishtha Miyanii said. “‘Love, Rosie’ is my favorite movie in the romance genre. It has an interesting plot twist. They were friends for a long time but they couldn’t express their feelings because of that.”

The most popular movie genre in 2022 throughout the world was action, but junior Maddie Hebert thinks differently when it comes to her favorite movie genre.

“My favorite genre is comedy because when I’m watching movies I like to get a good laugh,” Hebert said. “My favorite movie in the comedy genre is ‘Step Brothers’. I really like Will Farrell and the ending scene at the wedding where they hug is always a good laugh.”

Movie genres on the browse for Apple TV. Action was ranked Number 4 as the most popular movie genre in 2020. Audryanna Cox photo

Movies have interesting plots for viewers to love or hate. Everyone has a different taste in movies for that some people don’t like plot twists or suspense in them. There are others who love suspenseful, wrenching movies that could be made.

“Two people are friends and they split up. Both people find their own people, but at the end they realize they are meant to be. It is exciting to see if they will end up together or not. But I do not like that they take too long to get together,” Miyanii said.

Some people like the whole plot of the movie or some would like just a scene of the movie. Comedy genre movies will make someone have a more favorite scene than the movie itself.

“I like how unorganized the entire thing was. I don’t have anything I don’t like. It was all funny,” Hebert said.