Students binge Outer Banks

Hannah Robinson

By Alayna Kord, Nishtha Miyani, Hannah Robinson (Journalism 1 students)

It’s the type of place where people either have two jobs or two houses.

Outer banks, Paradise on Earth. Outer banks is a very popular TV-14 show that came out on Netflix in 2020. People go crazy over this show so this new season, Season 3, has really excited lots of people and has them talking about it. People claim to be so excited about this show that it has them watching during work, school, while doing homework, cleaning and some even went to the extreme and skipped school on Feb. 23 when the third season came out to binge watch the show all day.

This show is for entertainment purposes and is full of exciting adventure. No wonder it grabs the attention of  so many young teens who are interested in a spontaneous lifestyle like the one shown in Outer Banks.

“I liked that in the show they traveled a lot and how it was about friendship and thinking positive even when the hardships win since the groups hate each other for money,” freshman Madison Manning said.

Brenda Gonzalez, senior, is catching up on the newest season Outer Banks in her study hall. She finished the episode she was on and was able to start a new one before her next class. Nishtha Miyani photo

The show is based around a group of teenagers, who are the same age as the target audience for this show. Because of this, teenagers can relate to some of the same struggles the characters go through in this show.

“My favorite character is Pope because in the first season from what I have seen of him he goes through a change when he kind of grows up a little bit and learns how to fight,” junior Isaac Robinson said.

In this show it shows a little bit of 2 different lifestyles. The point of view from different types of people is something interesting. People like the drama and being able to pick which side they like better.

“It’s the kooks and the pogues. The kooks are the rich people and the pogues are the poor people. They are constantly fighting. In the mist of that, there’s a treasure hunt that starts and causes a bunch of chaos on the island. So this group of teenagers has to go through this adventure together,” Robinson said.

This show gives lots of different genres throughout the three seasons. It hits a little bit of all; that is why most people recommend Outer Banks.

“A group, the pogues are going for gold, but the kooks steal it and put the gold in a big boat. They try to steal the gold back, but they can’t and they jump off the boat and end up on an island. I would recommend it if you like drama and thriller,” freshman Myleigh Bryant said.