Caleb Worgess three point shot

By Ava Augustine, Emma Holman, Jake Leech, Aiden Walton (Journalism 1 students)

He never would have imagined being a basketball manager would lead to the most important shot of the game.

Senior Caleb Worgess only played basketball in middle school. He would have never imagined that he would play such an important role on senior night.

“In middle school. I wanted to be on the basketball team, but over time I lost my love for the sport, and when the opportunity came to be manager, I took it,” Worgess said.

Senior Caleb Worgess shoots the final shot of the game against Indian Creek. Worgess made the shot, and the crowd erupted. Maverik Patterson photo

On Feb. 21, the Woodmen fought hard to win against Indian Creek. It was Senior Night and  down to the last quarter. Worgess went into the game and was thrown into the game. Their win would determine if they moved on to Sectionals.

“It was pretty cool. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get an opportunity like that, especially on Senior Night,” Worgess said.

Caleb was not the only one excited for this opportunity. Senior Jack Titzer, student section leader, had the student section hyped up for the team manager since he was going in for the first time in four years.

“It was honestly just insane. We were all chanting for him to go in and we knew he was going to shoo,t but none of us thought there was a chance the ball would go in. When he shot and made it in, we just went crazy, rushed to the floor with the team and just had a good time. Definitely was one of the best moments of the year,” Titzer said.

Senior Carter Campbell was also excited for his friend. It was the last year they would be on a team together working for the same goal.

“After the game, the whole team was super excited in the locker room because we just won on Senior Night and it was a big win for our team. Plus, everyone was so excited for Caleb,” Campbell said.